All Your Questions Answered.

We know you have questions, so we’ve tried to answer some of the most common ones below.

How much does it cost?

Right now we are estimating that a single Mosquito flight will be $7,500 (CA) or three flights for $21,000(CA). Customizing for a flight is extra. If you have a payload in mind, feel free to contact us! We would love to talk to you.

Can I launch my mother in law, or the neighbour’s cat?

We will not launch anything that is alive. Other than that, whatever floats your boat – Mother in law’s ashes, my favourite action figure, your boyfriend’s video games, your art supplies, business cards or promotional material – anything that will fit into the payload section.

The payload section is 2” (50.8mm) in diameter and 24” (609.6mm) long. It will carry up to 4.4 lb (2kg) of payload.

Where do you launch from?

Starfire Scientific is currently operating from a launch site located near the beautiful town of Cartwright Labrador.

The Starfire Space Cannon is a portable space launch system and we can conduct launches from any site in the world with a sufficiently large down range safety area.

Can I watch?

Yes. A viewing area will be provided once we begin commercial flights.

What do you mean by “Space” exactly?

At this point, we are using the term “Space” creatively. Currently, there is no legal definition of where space begins. We launch to altitudes above the level balloons and airplanes can fly and below the level of satellites. There are creditable accounts claiming that “space” begins as low as 30 km and as high as 1.5million km. US pilots in the 60’s got their astronaut wings at 50 miles, 80 km. In general any flight above 50km will be in an environment that is indistinguishable from “space” for most applications.

Does it come down? Couldn’t it hit somebody?

Good question. Yes, the mosquito flight vehicle flies up to high altitude and then it comes back down again. Our flight range is sited to insure that the vehicles will come down into a safe area. Safety is our primary concern and we have been working with the provincial and federal government to ensure our launches are conducted in accourdance to the highest standard.

If you still have questions, we’d love to talk to you.