Starfire Space Cannon

The Starfire Space cannon is a multi chambered artillery piece that has been custom designed to launch payloads into space for high altitude sounding flights and to orbit small satellites.

Unlike conventional gun launchers, The Starfire launcher separates the propellant charge into several smaller charges which are fired sequentially as the vehicle moves down the bore of the launcher. This technique substantially reduces the g loadings that the vehicle experiences while still maintaining the high velocities and efficiencies of a gun launch system.

Starfire Sub-orbital

The Starfire Space Cannon will launch a variety of vehicles for sub-orbital and orbital flights.

This will be the first in a family of low cost sub-orbital flight vehicles and when our test firings are completed later this year, we will be working on developing more advanced vehicles with larger payloads and higher altitudes.

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Tired of waiting months or years for your small satellite to launch?
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For more information on the history of gun propulsion please see Mr. Grafís extensive history on the Encyclopedia astronautica at